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Business Card

The more correctly selected business cards, which contain details such as your corporate identity, industry, and title, the more positive effects they will bring. When deciding on business card models, it will be beneficial for you to do industry research first. If you are serving in a field related to advertising, design or architecture, your business card should show this at first sight. Custom cut business cards and transparent business cards are very suitable for such sectors. Making a difference, extraordinary and memorable effects; It should be the first impression that people who deal with design, writing or advertising will make. You can demonstrate this by choosing a business card model that makes a difference.

Diplomat Envelope

Diplomat envelopes, like letterheads, are envelopes that highlight the company's logo, identity and design. The use of colors that are identified with the company and the dimensions that meet the standards make their use effective. It is produced in accordance with the letterhead papers used by the companies. It is used as an effective advertising method, attracting attention with its special designs as well as the abundance of gluing options and practicality. The most basic feature that distinguishes diplomat envelopes from letterheads is their special design.

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Many companies are actively competing in the business world. Every company wants to exist and make a name for itself, in addition to its own business areas, in other areas related to business ranges. Thus, they aim to make their names permanent and strengthen their corporate identity. As a result of this effort, they ensure that all kinds of professional materials that they will use, especially in foreign correspondence and relations established outside the company, represent them. Thus, they make a natural and professional effort to ensure that these materials are the signature of the company.

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