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Cardboard bag types prepared using luxury and glittering effects add elegance to your brand by using various cardboard, glossy prints, lacquer applications, and foil gilding and emboss options. Being handmade and differentiating the designs add quality to your brand.

Atasoy Printing, which closely follows the developing technology, is aware that technology adds value to your brand only with creative thinking.

The advantage of paper or cardboard bags is that you can easily achieve a look that is completely in harmony with your product and your needs. You can personalize cardboard bag products, which you can equip with logos, designs, campaigns or slogans, and harmonize them with your brand language.

You can determine the specially designed cardboard bag model that will be used at the fairs, promotion days and campaign days organized by your brand. You can create cardboard bags with dozens of color options, various forms and qualities, and original cardboard bags on which you can print your own motto or patterns. You can create a concept and choose different cardboard bags according to the different sizes and weights of your products.

You can choose your cardboard bags from a variety of paper collections, and you can memorize brands thanks to selected papers. The cardboard bag contains many alternatives, from leather to fabric, with luxurious, flashy and wide-ranging handle options.

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Luxury and elegant cardboard bags are preferred by all brands that produce original products. Cardboard bags add value to your brands thanks to the papers selected from the distinguished paper collection. The cardboard bag contains many alternatives, from leather to fabric, with luxurious, flashy and wide-ranging handle options. With the unique use of gilding, it makes an endless contribution to the brand image while traveling from hand to hand like a jewellery. The cardboard bag becomes a volunteer advertising ambassador, who delivers the desired message to the relevant media in the shortest possible way, with the use of different effects and less number of bright prints. Atasoy Matbaa produces products in desired quantities with alternative designs and production experience in cardboard bags and offers them to its customers.

Which handle types are used in the luxury cardboard bag?

The types of handles used for cardboard bags classically; They are listed as Satin ribbon, Cotton thread, PP thread handle, Jute thread, Linen thread and Leather handle. In addition to all these handle types, we can use very different materials in cardboard bag handles.

What is a cardboard bag printing system?

We use many different processes such as offset, screen printing, letter press in the printing of cardboard bags. We can apply any known print and effect format so that the cardboard bag can be printed and produced in the formats desired by the designer. The cardboard bag can also be designed with cellophane as a more resistant and eye-catching glittering or avant garde against external factors. The cardboard bag can also be turned into a great to touch material by using fully recycled or recycled papers.

Is there an FSC certificate for paper bags to be produced for the European region?

We use FSC certified papers in the production of cardboard bags.

What is the production and delivery time of Cardboard Bags?

Cardboard bags are our specialty and we can deliver even in 3-4 days depending on the design type without sacrificing quality. The healthiest thing in cardboard bag production time is to direct your cardboard bag design to us and learn the optimum time.

Is there a stereotype fee?

If we use a cardboard bag cliché, the cliché fee is charged, it varies according to the method chosen by the designer who designed the cardboard bag.

What is the conversion rate of paper in cardboard bags?

If lamination is used in a cardboard bag, 90% of it can be transformed. All of the papers we use in cardboard bags are 100% recyclable papers if lamination is not used. We use recycled and recyclable papers in the production of cardboard bags.

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