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Folding boxes, which are frequently used in the printing and packaging industry, can be produced in many different forms depending on the product type, shape, weight and customer preferences. It can be produced in many ways, from different top and bottom cover options to different window types. Generally, gluing on the side and side-bottom gluing is applied and shipped to the customer.

Atasoy Printing, which closely follows the developing technology, is aware that technology can only be efficient as long as it serves creative thinking.

For your offset boxes and box needs made of different materials, we carry out material selection printing, different features and works in accordance with your budget. We produce all kinds of products specially for you in line with the needs of corporate companies.

All box groups needed in product packaging are designed according to both set and individual dimensions, cardboard and corrugated. All processes are followed until the boxes produced are packed according to all hygiene rules and delivered to you.

Medicine boxes – product boxes - Packaging boxes - Corrugated boxes - Cardboard boxes - Cosmetic boxes - Gift boxes - Chocolate boxes - Pastry and cake boxes - Wine boxes - Jewelry and jewelry boxes - Hair products boxes - Cardboard boxes - Cardboard Stands - We produce and supply all packaging products such as Pelur- Sarmar papers for you.

Medicine Boxes

The type and weight of paper used in box production varies according to the characteristics of the product put into it. The size, number of colors, lamination type are variable and are prepared according to the customer's request.

It is usually produced from American bristol and chrome cardboard paper. It is produced in the range of 210gr - 400gr paper weights. Generally, dispersion lacquer is preferred. Embossed lacquer embossing can be done. UV lacquer cellophane applications can also be made.

American Locked Boxes

American locked boxes are a type of box that can be easily closed with a special lock system on the bottom cover, and in which products can be placed without using any adhesive. One of the special cut box types, "Box with a locked bottom" allows the customer to pack easily without the need for a special adhesive or sewing. The lower and upper locks are closed respectively and turned into a box. Although it generally appeals to every sector, mainly retail box, mailbox, cargo box, glassware box, plate box, Medical box, Perfume box, technological product box etc. used as.

Bottom Lock Boxes

After gluing the bottom locked boxes on the automatic folding and gluing line, they are delivered to the customer with the side and bottom parts glued to the user. Bottom locked boxes can be produced with offset box or flexo box printing types.

It can be produced as a special cut bottom locked box model. Bottom locked boxes are generally preferred by companies that produce faster because they can be turned into boxes easily in the production process.

Hanging Boxes

Self-hanging boxes are the type of boxes that are generally preferred for the products displayed on the stands to be easily put to the service of the customer, and to be offered for sale without any extra processing.

This type of boxes are generally used for technological device boxes, textile product boxes and products sold at the stand.

Boxes with Inner Chamber

They are used to separate products that contain more than one piece in boxes with inner chambers. Such boxes can be produced in different sizes and in different materials, according to our customers' requests.

Boxes with Transparency Window

It is produced for you in the best quality options for models with different sizes and design features for acetate boxes with windows. It is determined and supplied according to your needs in different window sizes in the dimensions and weights you want. Window box packaging solutions also offer stylish solutions for commercial needs. You can choose to display your products in line with your needs.

Boxes with Hard Lids

Rigid cardboard boxes are produced by cutting sheets of cardboard between 1 mm and 5 mm in the desired dimensions, and dressing them with grinding instruments such as printed glossy paper, kraft paper binding cloth, and fabric. According to your request, production is made in different features such as self-covered, eyelet-covered and snap-on system. It has become a preferred packaging product such as heavy textile products, luxury souvenirs, ceramic products, gift boxes or gift flowers.

Stand Boxes

As the name suggests, stand type boxes are display boxes prepared to be used in markets and sales points. Stand boxes carry the product to the point where it will be sold like a standard box. When it is ready, it both makes a visual presentation and becomes a sales point.

The desktop cardboard stand can also be used as a cardboard box next to the cash register in the markets. In addition, display cardboard boxes can take their place on the shelves of the market or point of sale as a shelf-top box. Desktop stands provide a privilege to your brand for sale at many sales points such as pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations, stationery.