Production of Twisted and Twisted kraft paper bags and more...

Kraft paper bags are produced in natural kraft and white kraft. Paper bags are known to be 100% environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Kraft bags are produced using Recycle and Recycled papers and are printed with silk-screen printing technique.

Atasoy Printing, which closely follows the developing technology, knows that technology can only be efficient as long as it serves creative thinking.

We recommend kraft paper bags to all companies with high annual consumption. Kraft bags quickly replace plastic bags. The biggest advantage of paper bags is that they are environmentally friendly.

Paper bags are made of 100% recyclable paper that does not harm the environment. The completely natural paper bag, which does not harm the environment and human health, is an extremely healthy product and is therefore preferred by all the world's giant food companies. Thanks to the advantage it creates in terms of price, paper bags provide savings of up to 27%, especially in high-volume consumption used in the retail sector. Paper bags are very durable and you will be surprised to see the product carrying performance of the paper bag. When the right designs are chosen, paper bags bring prestige to your brand.

Paper bags and bags are seen as an alternative advertising tool in product and service marketing sectors, where advertisement and promotion are not only visual and audio elements, but also stand out in terms of promotion.

Quality Paper Bag for Quality Products

The high-quality, recyclable and stylish paper bag models that meet the expectations of your customers shopping from your store are also the most important tool in the promotion of your brand. In the retail or service industry, the importance of sales and marketing is becoming more and more prominent today. In addition to the quality of the products offered to customers and consumers, the packaging you present the goods and services you produce or sell is just as important. The quality of the brand and the quality of the packaging are directly proportional to the sales.

Brands Experience Paper Bag Privilege

One of the most important ways to increase the demand for your product and brand is the quality of the product, followed by advertising and promotion. Recycled paper bags, designed for each different product, make you and your customers happy with their wide product range. For sustainable production and marketing, you can present your product in the most beautiful packaging worthy of your customer. We guarantee cheap prices, reasonable prices for quality, we continue to work with the leading stores and brands of the sector with our honest and reliable identity.

Which handle types are used in the paper bag?

The types of handles used for cardboard bags classically; They are listed as Satin ribbon, Cotton thread, PP thread handle, Jute thread, Linen thread and Leather handle. In addition to all these handle types, we can use very different materials in cardboard bag handles.

What is the paper bag printing system?

We perform paper bag printing with Flexo printing systems and using clichés. During the printing of paper bags, we use a larger screen compared to offset printing.

Is there an FSC certificate for paper bags to be produced for the European region?

We use FSC certified papers in the production of paper bags.

What is the Paper Bag production and delivery time?

We deliver paper bag productions between 3 and 5 weeks in our production time.

What is the conversion rate of paper in paper bags?

All of our papers are 100% recyclable papers. We use recycled and recyclable papers in the production of paper bags.

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