Success story of more than 30 years...

Atasoy Printing Press, which entered the communication applications sector 30 years ago with printing; With the development of today's technology, it develops and renews in order to respond to the changing needs of companies. In this renewal process, besides printing services, it creates a wide range of action with cardboard packaging production and advertising production. It takes pride in providing the most comprehensive and creative service, while making the desired designs come true in communication environments that suit the needs of its customers.

Atasoy Matbaa, every production, every supply is designed, priced, produced or supplied with the understanding of quality given by years. The production and supply processes are very clear. No product is produced or supplied without the customer's approval. We do not work with second-class materials and manufacturers, and all pricing and processes are made according to this method.

Our priority is

Atasoy Matbaa is the most advantageous address to be active at the last point of sheet offset printing, cardboard packaging production, publishing, digital printing and advertising experience design, and in short, communication applications.

Atasoy Printing is especially specialized in the production of cardboard boxes and cardboard bags, and is one of the most important companies in the country in the production and supply of paper bags. We supply or produce products of all kinds, such as cardboard bags, paper bags, corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, cargo boxes, for companies that manufacture to us or for institutions with our own production potential.

Our experience
gives us speed!

We determine the needs exactly and maximize customer satisfaction by working in accordance with quality, price and deadlines.

It has adopted the principle of being respectful to people, the environment and the law, respecting social, political and cultural values, implementing our products and services rapidly in line with customer expectations, and ensuring business continuity.

Our company, which sees globalization as the only way to survive, focuses on continuous improvement works by using its own know-how in the best way.